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  • Franchisee of The Year - Richard Tidswell

    The criteria for this award is: Consistent alignment to Business Doctors values, Consistent application of the Business Doctor Model, Consistent performance - revenue generation/contribution, Consistent investment in business development, Level of sweet spot client engagement, Quality and consistency of delivery and customer service, Network collaboration and support, Recruitment support and promotion

    The Franchisees Franchisee - Andy Mee

    Andy Mee received the most votes from the Business Doctors network for this award.

    Team of The Year - David Blakey and Des Smith

    The criteria for this award was: Regional leadership, Team work and collaboration, Investment in shared resources (e.g. shared office space), Investment in regional marketing and PR, Contract bids and wins, Joint working and revenue sharing on client projects.

    Most Supportive - Kevin Cook

    For the second year running! The criteria for this award was: Regional and national collaboration, National exhibition attendance, Sharing best practice, Flexibility of support with HQ initiatives, Investment in franchisee recruitment initiatives, National and regional partnership development (Cogent), Client satisfaction net promoter score - straight 10s!

    Best Newcomer - Mike Holmes

    The criteria for this award was: Launch activity, Seminar and workshop delivery, Exceeding revenue expectations, Partnership development, Applying the franchise system, Collaboration with national activity, Recruitment support and participation, Client satisfaction survey score - straight 10s!

  • The Business Doctors Annual Conference

    The Annual Business Doctors' Conference was held at the prestigious Coombe Abbey Hotel in Warwickshire. The event was a celebration of 10 years and featured the inaugural franchisee award ceremony. Pictured here left to right - Rod Davies, Jo Kerrigan, Lynne Rawlinson, Stephanie Powell and Matthew Levington.

    Franchisee of The Year

    Chris Simpson (Surrey and Sussex North)

    Best Start Up - Newcomer

    Andy Mee (Oxfordshire)

    Most Supportive Franchisee

    Kevin Cook (Cheshire)

    Best Regional Team

    Terry Houghton (Merseyside), Pam Drew, Gary Lowes, Philip Hendy, Neville and Karen Liddle.